SGIA’s Influential Printer Action Committee Gives Imagers a Powerful Voice

SGIA has created and launched the ground-breaking Printer Action Committee, to help specialty imagers in North America maximize their profitability and better compete in today’s global marketplace.
The new program gives imagers a more powerful voice to affect legislative issues and key community topics.

“It’s clear from what’s happening in Washington, D.C. that it’s time for us to take a more active role in representing the SGIA community,” said Michael Robertson, SGIA’s President and CEO. “The SGIA Printer Action Committee will be the voice we need to collectively and effectively communicate our interests to legislators.”

The SGIA Printer Action Committee:

* Actively supports legislation in favor of North American business development.

* Strives for “a level playing field” in today’s global marketplace.

* Opens new markets and creates business opportunities for specialty imagers in the SGIA community.

The SGIA Printer Action Committee provides a fast and easy online communication tool for imagers to quickly submit input about important advocacy issues to the correct legislators, based on each imager’s zip code.

Current Key Issue

If Congress does not act, American small businesses will face marginal tax rates as high as 39.6 percent. Imagers are asked to tell Congress to extend the expiring tax cuts, which would boost investor, business, and consumer confidence by taking the uncertainty of tax policy off the table. The North American imaging community can take action through SGIA’s Printer Action Committee, today.

The new Committee also will allow imagers to learn about, and take action on, pressing community issues — such as letting vendors know the community wants to see their products at the SGIA Expo, which returns 100 percent of its generated revenue to the community in the form of education and services.

For more details and to add your voice to the SGIA Printer Action Committee today, visit, Keyword: PrinterACT.




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