Updated Dates: 3M Graphic Install Training/Testing

As a leader in the thriving graphics market, 3M understands the significance of a high-quality installation process for its wide range of products and services. Well-trained installers are critical to ensuring excellent customer satisfaction and helping maintain the integrity of the industry.

To sustain this level of excellence, 3M offers world-class training, testing and accreditation for installers and installation companies. Completion of the testing program is a prerequisite for recognition by 3M as a company through the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company Program, or as an individual installer through the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Program.

In addition, 3M is adding the 3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer program for installations at car dealerships through the new Scotchprint brand On-Demand Personalized Vehicle Graphics program from 3M.


3M Advanced Installation Training is held at the 3M Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. 3M Graphics Installation Trainers conduct three-day sessions that include vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, boat wraps, smooth walls, textured walls, and floor graphics. Skills are refined through discussion, demonstration, and monitored hands-on training.

2011 Advanced Installation Training Dates are:

* May 16-18

* June 20-22

* July 18-20

* August 15-17

* September 19-21

* October 17-19

* November 14-16

* December 12-14

For more information, contact 3Minstallationprograms@mmm.com.

Meanwhile 3M Preferred Graphics Installers from Lowen Corporation conduct courses in Hutchinson, Kansas, to build and refine skills through extensive hands-on practice. They include vehicle accessory disassembly, graphic film installation and removal for vehicle wraps, boat wraps, fleet graphics, smooth walls, textured walls and floor graphics. The course utilizes the curriculum developed by 3M and can run two to five days (depending on customer requirements).

2011 Lowen Company Training Dates are:

* June 7-9

* June 13-17

* June 22-23

* July 7-8

* July 12-14

* July 23-29

* August 8-10

* August 15-19

* August 24-25

Contact Sean Rhodes at seanr@lowen.com for more information.


3M Certified Graphics Installation Company Test. This test is required for one or more employees of each member UASG company to achieve the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company credentials.

2011 Dates are:

* June 27-28

* October 24-25.

For more information regarding the test, contact jlades@comcat.net.

3M Preferred Graphics Installer Test. This test is required for individual installers to achieve the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer credentials.

2011 Dates are:

* May 19-20

* June 23-24

* July 21-22

* August 18-19

* September 22-23

* October 20-21

* November 17-18

* December 15-16

For more information regarding the test, contact 3Minstallationprograms@mmm.com.

The test for 3M Preferred Graphics Installer credentials may also be taken at the Lowen Corporation facility in Hutchinson, Kansas. 2011 Dates are:

* June 1-3

* June 27-29

* July 19-21

* August 2-4

For more information regarding the test, contact seanr@lowen.com.

3M Endorsed Vehicle Graphics Installer Test
This program has multiple skill level designations (one-star to four-star). More information on the testing levels and locations can be found by first registering as an installer on www.Scotchprint.com. Questions can be directed through Scotchprint.com or 3Minstallationprograms@mmm.com.




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