Magnetic Mount Quartz Halogen Work Light

Larson Electronics has announced the addition of WAL-M-500-120 magnetic mount quartz halogen work light to its line of industrial-grade 120-volt work area lighting solutions. This light is designed to operate with common 120 VAC current and provides the versatility of a heavy-duty magnetic mount base that allows attachment to any ferrous metallic surface. This light illuminates over 3,000 square feet of work space and can be utilized as a pedestal light, overhead light, or as wall-mounted task area illumination.

The WAL-M-500-120 magnetic mount work light is equipped with an aluminum mounting bracket constructed of one-inch-square aluminum tubing fitted with three 200-pound grip magnetic feet to provide a secure and versatile mounting platform that can be attached to any ferrous metallic surface such as tank walls, iron walkways, and the sides of utility trailers just to name a few examples.

This compact unit utilizes 500-watt quartz halogen lamp that provides economical operation and the ability to illuminate over 3,000 square feet of work space with bright and even light.

The lamp body is constructed of aluminum with a tempered glass lens for safe operation and provides the rugged durability needed to withstand the harsh condition of industrial and commercial work sites.

The lamp head is adjustable and can be locked into place, which allows operators to provide optimal coverage of the work area regardless of where the lamp is mounted.

The magnetic mounting system on this light consists of three five-inch-diameter magnetic pads producing a total of 600 pounds of magnetic gripping force, allowing operators to securely place the light overhead, on vertical surfaces, and anywhere a metallic surface offers the opportunity for mounting.

Included with this halogen work light is twenty-five feet of chemical- and abrasion-resistant SOOW cord with straight blade plug for easy connection to standard wall outlets.

This versatile work light is ideal for operators who need a light that can be easily moved from one area to another yet can be used as an overhead light, pedestal light, or wall mounted light without the worry of the lamp coming loose from its position or falling and damaging the fixture.

Magnalight can be reached directly by calling toll free at 800/369-6671 or 214/616-6180 (for international inquiries).



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