Easily Add Graphics to Any Flat Surface

The Billboarder Banner Framing System was awarded a United States Patent #8096070.

Instead of gluing graphics to the side of a truck, this framing system turns any box truck, wall, or flat surface into a BILLBOARD by holding tightly, flat, and securely (designed for Highway Speeds) inexpensive Banners to the sides of box-trucks. The system is also great for walls, interior or exterior.

The system utilizes inexpensive, easy to change-out banners that any non-skilled person who can handle an electric screwdriver/drill can install.

Install the framing system just once and timely banner ad change-outs become much more likely because of the small cost of banners and the ease of installation, which creates many more banner re-orders for sign companies who are dealers for the Billboarder Banner Framing System!

The framing system is made of all anodized Aluminium and comes in 8-foot sections (cut to order where needed). Each 8-foot section comes in two interlocking sections. A "base-plate" that screws to the body of the truck and
has compression neoprene rubber as part of the base-plate securely traps the banner when the second section, the "capping plate," is installed.  This also forces the banner to tighten and lay flat, looking as if the banner
was glued flat to the truck or wall!

The Billboarder Banner Framing System is very slim and aerodynamic—only extending from the body of the truck (or wall) 3/8th of an inch.

The Billboarder Banner Framing System is distributed exclusively to the sign trade through Mightywide.com and is now sold by over 100 Sign Shops.

Sign companies are welcome to become dealers with no inventory required or purchase of any kind. A free display board with a working sample attached will be sent to any sign dealer signing up (limited time offer). The free sample
and a mechanical diagram as well as many pictures of truck and wall installations can be seen on the Mightywide.com Web site.



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