Geek Wraps Announces the Release of New Squeegee

Geek Wraps®, Inc. now offers for sale a new squeegee set, the Competitive Dual Soft Edge Squeegee, which adds to its industry-recognized Soft Edge Squeegee™ line.

Developed out of the need to use the same soft, non-abrasive edge as the original Soft Edge Squeegee™ in tighter areas requiring a firmer application, the hard edge now has a stitched, white micro-thin soft edge that won’t scratch or cut the wrap vinyl, but will allow more pressure and a harder edge application. This becomes useful for instance in body and fender seams, setting edges around windows or other obstacles and any area where more pressure is needed for air to egress flawlessly without scratching. This squeegee has proven to be a phenomenal asset for the new paint wraps and textured wraps.

White was chosen for the new edge so that any dirt or dust settling on the surface of the wrap during installation, which may not be noticeably visible, will show up immediately on the white edge of the squeegee, similar to running a white glove over furniture, which ultimately allows the installer to wipe the wrap with a microfiber towel as needed eliminating any chance for minuscule dust particles to scratch the vinyl. This is particularly important on the solid matte, chrome, and brushed metal vinyls.

The Competitive Dual Soft Edge Squeegee is currently sold in a competition set consisting of one 4-inch and one Micro Detail Squeegee and is available online at Geek Wraps® Web site. Along with the release of this squeegee set is a new exhibition video posted to Geek Wraps® channel on YouTube.



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