Geek Wraps, Inc. Releases the EZ Wrap Pro

Geek Wraps, Inc. launches EZ Wrap Pro, a new tool for graphics installation. The EZ Wrap Pro is precision CNC milled from aircraft grade T-6 aluminum. A solid one-inch aluminum hub supports the high-density foam roller, which is attached with a hardened steel axle. The tool slips onto an industry standard quick-fire tank and tightens in place with a hardened steel bolt.

Small and medium tools fit the 5.45 oz. tank, the large is made to fit the 16.92 oz. tank. Allowing for the ease of a one-handed heat and apply motion, the EZ Wrap Pro can be used on any type of install from wall graphics to rivets. The tool is currently offered in small, medium, and large sizes.

“When used for any type of install from wall graphics to rivets, the revolutionary EZ Wrap Pro allows the installer the ease of a one-handed heat and apply motion,” says Ken Calman, co-owner of Geek Wraps, Inc. “The advantage is that as soon as the vinyl is heated to the proper temperature, the installer can immediately address the vinyl.  There are all sorts of installations that will benefit from the EZ Wrap Pro, and our accompanying video shows several of these applications in detail.”



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