Hingst’s Sign Post Blog: Premask for Air Egress Liners

Vinyl films with air egress release liners have almost eliminated bubbles and wrinkles from applied graphics. Here’s how the product works. These release liners are comprised of multiple layers of paper, a polyethylene coating and a siliconization layer. The polyethylene coating of the release liner is embossed with a textured pattern. The textured structure of the release liner imparts tiny air channels in the adhesive of the vinyl film. Think of these as escape routes for air. As the installer squeegees the facestock, the air between the film and the substrate is directed through the air channels to the edge of the graphic.

RTape Conform® with RLA® adheres to most release liners. The texture surface of air egress liners, though, can be problematic. What is so difficult about this application? RTape developed 4761RLA specifically for vinyl films such as Comply and EZ Apply. Read what challenges we faced in producing this tape at Jim Hignst’s Blog:




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