Hingst’s Sign Post: How to Dome Vinyl Graphics

Because metalized vinyls exude an opulent aura, these eye-catching films are a popular choice in the design and manufacture of OEM emblems and trim. What’s more, their attractive and luxurious appeal complements the appearance of high-ticket products, such as RV vehicles and marine craft.

To enhance the appeal of these graphics, some OEM printers coat their printed emblems with a liquid “doming” resin. Doming is the process of depositing a glass-like, plastic-resin bubble over the top of a printed film. By doing this, it transforms a thin flat film into a dimensional emblem that looks just like a vacuum-formed or molded part.

Doming transforms flat, two-dimensional graphics into three-dimensional emblems and magnifies the alluring patterns of the metalized films.

To read more about this process, check out the latest edition of the Hingst’s Sign Post blog by Sign Builder Illustrated contributor Jim Hingst.



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