Hingst’s Sign Post: Removing Vinyl Graphics

Sign Builder Illustrated Contributor Jim Hingst writes: “I would love to tell you that I had an easy way to remove vinyl and adhesive, along with a sure fire formula to make millions in graphics removal.  Although I have a few tips to make the removal jobs more trouble-free, they are never easy or fun, rarely profitable, and frequently plagued with problems.

“To date, no one has discovered a secret formula that makes old vinyl immediately disappear from the surface that it covers. Vinyl graphics only peel off without a trace of adhesive residue when they shouldn't. Graphics removals usually require long, frustrating hours of hard work.

“To make the job less of a tedious chore, sign makers and decal installers have developed various graphics-removal procedures. Most employ a combination of heat, chemical adhesive removers and specialized tools. No product, however, replaces old-fashioned elbow grease.”

To read more of Jim’s take on this subject matter, be sure to read his latest “Hingst’s Sign Post” blog.



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