Hingst’s Sign Post: Using Rivet Brushes

“Rivet brushes have a variety of applications other than merely burnishing vinyl around rivet heads. It's also a handy tool for applying vinyl onto corrugations and textured surfaces, such as banners with a heavy scrim, concrete, stucco or cinderblock. Old rivet brushes are great for scrubbing adhesive from rivet heads, while performing graphics removal work.

“In applying graphics to banner material, after you remove the application tape from the vinyl graphics, and re-squeegee the entire graphic, finish the application by using a rivet brush and heat gun to burnish the vinyl into the banner's textured surface. The heat and brushing technique will aid the adhesive flow and result in improved, ultimate adhesion.”

To read more, check out the newest “Hingst’s Sign Post” blog written by Sign Builder Illustrated Contributor Jim Hingst.


2014 Summer/Fall Buyer's Guide


Sign regulations have been a major topic in the industry. Is your town/city affected by a strict sign code?