Imprintables Warehouse Offers Duracal Prints Sign Vinyl

Imprintables Warehouse offers the versatile Duracal Prints sign vinyl. The material, which comes in a range of stock designs, can be used for window decals, stickers, vehicles, lockers, and on walls. Use it on sensitive surfaces without fear of damage because it can be removed cleanly, repositioned, and re-applied over and over without running out of adhesive.

This multicolor, pressure-sensitive vinyl comes in more than thirty patterns such as cowprint, zebra, dark skulls, camouflage, hunter, gears, pink plaid, tie dye, and even sports like football and soccer. You can choose a stock print, modify a stock pattern, or design your own custom graphics to be printed.

It can be applied to any hard, flat, or simple curved surface, which means it can be used for a wide range of applications. Let your imagination go wild. It is easy to cut and weed with any digital cutter. It comes on a 20-inch wide roll that is 10 yards long, and the patterned area is approximately 18.5 inches wide.




2015 Winter/Spring Buyer's Guide


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