Knomad Chalkart Studio Image Library

Knomad Chalkart Studio’s image library has been growing over the past five years to the point where the library has over 550 hand-drawn chalkart images that all combine to make thousands of unique designs.

Peter Rhodes, the art director says, “We have been on the hunt for some of the best chalk artists from around the world to include their artwork in the library. We have found some very talented artists to work with in compiling a library of hand drawn artwork. Each image is shot at high resolution, the background of the artwork is then taken out. You can layer and combine the artwork to create eye-catching signs and designs. All the artwork is in high-resolution PDF files with a transparent background which is perfect for digital printing.

“We also create menu templates with chalkart graphics and headers. All the sign writer has to do is add the menu and they have a ready made menu board. All the headings are vectorised so you can change colours and backgrounds to suit the clients need. These templates are great for pubs, restaurants and cafés."

The library has been compiled specifically for signwriters. The advent of digital printing allows all signies to create attractive menu boards, a-frames, and signs with that old school, hand-drawn feel. “It’s an image library that gets away from the computer generated art but has the flexibility for the signwriter to combine images to make a customised sign for their client," says Rhodes. "When we are making a sign in our sign shop we print the artwork out on a matt vinyl, which includes the artwork, menu, headings, and the black background. Then we put a matt laminate over the print, which gives the sign that chalky feel. The prices are vinyl cut and mounted on the laminate for future changes.

"The beauty of doing it this way is that the client can easily clean the boards when dirty and the artwork is protected from smudging. The boards look and feel like a hand drawn menu board. For areas on the boards where the client wishes to use chalk, we use a blackboard adhesive and mount it onto the laminate," adds Rhodes.

All of the artwork is available online, and individual images can be downloaded straight to a computer. The whole library is also on sale.

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