Six New Digital Products from Arlon

Arlon Graphics, LLC has released six new digital products targeted for window and wall graphics. Launched at the ISA show, the products were used throughout Arlon’s booth so that attendees could see the materials in use on a number of surfaces.

1.     DPF 206 ‐ Removable Interior Wall Decoration Fabric Film: A 6‐mil, lightweight polycoated matte white fabric film with a unique woven texture.

2.     DPF 207 ‐ Removable Interior Wall Decoration Vinyl Film: A 6‐mil matte white vinyl film with a clear, removable pressure‐sensitive adhesive.

3.     DPF 45WF ‐ One‐Way Vision Digital Print Pressure Sensitive Film: A 6‐mil white, perforated, black‐back calendered film with removable pressure‐sensitive adhesive designed for one‐way viewing graphics.

4.     DPF 50WD White ‐ Promotional Removable Film: A 3.5‐mil matte white vinyl film with a clear, low-tack, removable pressure‐sensitive adhesive used for window decals and displays, appliance decals, and high-energy surfaces.

5.     DPF 50WD Clear ‐ Promotional Removable Film: A 4‐mil transparent vinyl film with a clear, low-tack removable pressure‐sensitive adhesive. The low-tack adhesive is designed to bond well to glass surfaces while removing cleanly in a wide range of temperatures.

6.     DPF 6700 – Cast Wall Wrap Material: A 2‐mil Cast, highly conformable film with aggressive permanent adhesive. The film is designed to stick to “hard‐to‐stick,” highly textured masonry surfaces such as brick, stucco, and concrete.

Arlon-prods2“Arlon has high expectations for our new window and wall graphic films as the products broaden our range of print media applications,” says Phil LaFata, vice president of Marketing and International Sales, Arlon. “The DPF 6700 Cast Wall Wrap features the superior conformability of Arlon’s cast film with excellent adhesion to a range of surfaces for long-term wall graphics. DPF 206, 207, and 50WD are unique products that feature guaranteed clean removing adhesives for both wall and window applications.”

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