This Advertising Campaign Urges You to Take a Seat

Thanks to the latest ad campaign at the Kansas City Royals’ Kauffman Stadium, advertisers won’t even have to leave their seat to reach a target audience.

Branded Seats LLC has reached an agreement with the Kansas City Royals to install nearly 1000 units of its patented in-seat advertising CupHolder Displays. The displays will debut in time for the 83rd MLB All Star Game this month.

The CupHolder Display creates new sponsorship and revenue opportunities all while revitalizing the appearance of existing cup holders. All four models lock onto existing cup holders in seconds and employ a full-color, interchangeable SnapGraphic. The displays are theft, weather, and tamper resistant.

In addition to the CupHolder Display, more than 1200 units of Branded Seats’ SeatBack Display will be installed after the All-Star Game, with over 5000 more installed before the start of 2013 season.

The SeatBack Display is a molded plastic unit that easily attaches to the back of any existing venue seat and utilizes an interchangeable, weather- and tamper-resistant, full-color SnapGraphic to create a clean and impactful advertising and branding environment.

Similiarly, Branded Seats offers another option called the SeatBottom Display. This product creates a solid branding environment when seats are either unsold or not in use. The SeatBottom Display utilizes a full-color, interchangeable SnapGraphic, and it is installed on the underside of the seating area.

Historically seating in sports and entertainment venues only produced revenue when the seats were sold. With Branded Seats’ new products, venues now have the opportunity to generate unprecedented new revenue streams from existing inventory.

Branded Seats is currently in talks with a number of MLB, NFL, and NHL organizations for larger future venue installations.



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