LED Modules

Fulham: First Drivers to Feature Integrated Wireless Controls for Easy Configuration and Installation Fulham Co., Inc., a leading supplier of lighting components and electronics for commercial and specialty applications, has released the WorkHorse LED Extreme family of constant current, programmable drivers specifically designed for outdoor and high-power applications. WorkHorse LED Extreme drivers are intelligent, programmable LED drivers built for harsh environments.

Innovations in Optics, Inc. joins Texas Instruments Design Network
Innovations in Optics, Inc. has joined the Texas Instruments Design Network – offering LumiBright™ UV-LED Illuminators for TI DLP® technology. LumiBright 3300B UV-LED Illuminators are an extremely high-power, highly uniform UV-LED solution providing... Read More
Principal LED: Street Wrap Product Launch Webinar January 11, 2016
Ready for neon appeal but with the benefits and savings of LED? Enjoy the fresh new border solution from Principal LED, the Street Wrap™. The new Street Wrap is populated with LED modules, not a stiff board, and it can be assembled and trimmed in the... Read More
GSG Now Offers Principal LED Tap Out Stik Series
The Principal LED Tap Out Stik™, available from GSG, is a cost-effective 95 LM/W, 12 VDC retrofit system that closes the price gap between fluorescent and LEDs for fast return on your investment. Supplied with six-foot whips for easy installation, Tap... Read More
An Affordable Border Solution with Principal LED’s New Street Wrap
Principal LED has developed a new LED border solution called the Street Wrap™. The Street Wrap is a fresh border solution that is an affordable alternative to other more expensive solutions on the market—but with the same neon appeal. Border tubing gives... Read More
Trimless Channels
I have the opportunity to see things many people in the industry do not. I am fortunate that my job responsibilities allow me unrestricted access to manufacturing facilities of sign companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. My position has taken me... Read More

Principal LED: Tap Out Product Launch Webinar November 30, 2016
Ready for a return on your investment even faster? Break even lightning fast with the new, economical Tap Out Stik™. Introduced in November of 2016, the Tap Out Stik is engineered to close the gap between fluorescent and LED prices—without losing... Read More
SloanLED Prism Colors & Whites Broaden the Spectrum of Sign Possibilities
SloanLED, leaders in LED technology, announces the launch of additional SloanLED Prism colors and white temperatures. The SloanLED Prism family is reimagined LED lens technology, combining our prism technology with a batwing distribution of light for... Read More
Retrofitting a Denny’s Pylon Sign!
Denny’s is America’s Diner, where guests have and continue to enjoy hearty meals for over sixty years. To continue to uphold their image, it was time for an upgrade of their pylon sign located in Grants, New Mexico. Allanson LEDrofit lamps were... Read More
National Specialty Lighting Announces Tape Light
National Speciality Lighting announces LED Tape Light combines high light output associated with standard fixtures with unique flexibility allowing it to be concealed in the tiniest of coves, under cabinets, or showcases. It is also available in an... Read More
Keystone Introduces SmartDrive HID Replacement LED Lamps
Keystone Technologies has added a SmartDrive lamp to their line of HID Replacement LED Lamps. The new SmartDrive HID LED lamp is designed for both high bay and low bay applications. Its rated lifetime of 50,000+ hours is almost triple the rated lifetime... Read More





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