Staying Plugged In

Over the last few years, the sign industry has witnessed the rise of numerous technologies, including digital signage. This growing digital sector is where Joe Kannegiesser (NSSA Elite Member) found his way into the industry. He currently serves as manager of Service and Support at Gallery Digital Signage, a division of Vcom IMC.

His work in IT may be considered “behind the scenes,” but that hasn’t kept Kannegiesser from observing the trends on the horizon for the sign industry.

“The sign industry is definitely changing, and it’s going more toward the digital aspect,” he says. “You want to be able to offer and properly execute all kinds of technologies to keep customers in-house and not have them go to some competitor.”

Kannegiesser points out that, thanks to their graphic design skills, sign shops have a lot to offer on the content side of digital signage. He advises shops to take advantage of the profit avenue that’s available in designing digital content, since it needs to be continually updated—whether it’s annually, monthly, or weekly.

“I see that as recurring revenue,” he says. “That’s like a goldmine.”

The time may be right to take advantage of all digital signage has to offer, but Kannegiesser also knows that shops may be hesitant to take the plunge because of a steep learning curve and an unfamiliarity with the technology. That’s why, moving forward, it’s his goal to help provide support and understanding to members of the sign industry.

One way he hopes to do this is by creating standardized platforms and content delivery for digital signage.

“People need things to be easy,” says Kannegiesser. “It all comes down to an easy, somewhat nearly dummy-proof interface and a strong support system.”

He also hopes to provide support in the form of clear communication and instructions to those who need it.JuneShopTalk16 2

“I’ve found my success in being able to communicate with the C-level and everyone underneath,” says Kannegiesser. “Where I think that comes from is respect—I have respect for every single person that does every single role.”

Above all else, Kannegiesser hopes to keep learning and growing, and he encourages young people in this industry to do the same.

“Any young person that wants to have a career in the signage industry and wants to future-proof that career,” he says, “should stay on the tip of technology to help them plan for emerging trends.”

By Ashley Bray

Photos (top to bottom): NSSA, Joe Kannegiesser.

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