Leister Technologies Announces Launch of New Stationary Welder

Leister Technologies AG, the worldwide leader in plastic welding and hot-air equipment, is pleased to announce its recent innovation in its line of stationary welders, the HEMTEK ST: specializing in the welding of hems. The new HEMTEK ST is designed to weld both closed and open hems and can even reliably process hems with piping.

Leister will debut the new Leister HEMTEK ST stationary welder to North American signs and graphics professionals at the 2017 ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas, April 20 through 22.

“For our customers, it’s not just about being satisfied with the results of their work after the welding process. They also—quite appropriately—expect the process is user-friendly and efficient,” says Urs Schmid, product manager of Leister’s Technical Textiles & Industrial Fabrics business line.

The machine is immediately ready for use once the HEMTEK is securely mounted onto the table. Prep work and/or labor intensive follow-up work, with the use of a handheld welder, is no longer necessary. The hems of promotional banners or tarpaulins quickly can be welded from corner-to-corner in one pass. In addition, the welding machine is operated with a foot pedal leaving the user‘s hands, free to guide the material through the machine.

“This is not only an advantage for weld quality, it also guarantees a stress-free and efficient working experience,” says Schmid.

Temperature, speed, and airflow easily can be adjusted on the control panel, pressure can be adjusted directly on the pressure roller and there is no need for additional tools to set the material guides.

The primary focus of the HEMTEK ST is intuitive operation, but with operating speeds of up to 12 m (~39 feet) per minute and 3400 watts of power, it is clear that Leister does not compromise speed or performance for innovation.

Customers are encouraged to stop by booth #2787 to see the new HEMTEK ST and speak with company executives about their application.

For further information about the HEMTEK ST, visit https://www.leister.com/hemtek.