New 39-by-57-inch Semi-automatic Heat Press for All-over Dye Sub Transfers

Graphics One is pleased to announce the shipment of an industrial and professional-grade semi-automatic heat press for the largest all-over imaging and for other dye sub transfer applications. The Mogk PTP-1450 features dual shuttles each measuring 39-by-57-inch with easy-glide rail system that can accommodate the biggest sized apparel shirts for all-over dye sub transfers.

The new PTP-1450 heat press comes loaded with industry-leading features including a semi-automated workflow for fast and efficient production runs, even heat, and pressure distribution for that perfect dye sub transfer imaging, air-powered pneumatic pressure system and digital temperature controls.

Christian Sam, Product Marketing at Graphics One, stated, “We have really been excited with how Mogk is updating their product line. This larger size allows users to do all-over transfers on over 5XL sized t-shirts. Users have been requesting larger sized heat presses as a complement to many of the large format dye sub printers from EPSON, Mimaki, Mutoh, and Roland. Mogk have certainly met the requirements of user’s demands with the launch of the PTP-1450.”

With a list price of $15,995, the Mogk PTP-1450 is simply the most cost effective heat press in the market ready to increase the customers profitability. The Mogk PTP-1450 heat press is manufactured in the Americas and has a one-year warranty with a five-year warranty on heat platens. The Mogk PTP-1450 is shipping immediately through the Graphics One channel of premier sales partners called the DTX Group.

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