New Custom Patterns at Heat Transfer Warehouse

Heat Transfer Warehouse is offering NEW custom Houndstooth and Puppytooth Patterns. There are twenty-one colors that customers can mix and match any two together.

There are over 400 different combinations! Both the Houndstooth and Puppytooth patterns are printed five yards at a time from our Fargo, ND warehouse on digital heat transfer material.

Custom Houndstooth and Custom Puppytooth Patterns are a great way to enhance any design with a personal flare. These custom patterns can be used in apparel designs for schools, sports teams, businesses and other organizations. Custom Houndstooth and Custom Puppytooth patterns can only be found at Heat Transfer Warehouse. Go to our website for easy online ordering, Custom Houndstooth and Custom

“Custom Houndstooth and Custom Puppytooth are looking fabulous in our seasonal designs. We have seen a lot of unique color pairings that you simply can’t find anywhere else..” Maggi of Heat Transfer Warehouse.