LaserBits: DuraBlack Plates

LaserBits is now offering a die-cut sheet of plates made from DuraBlack. Each plate has 3M adhesive applied and rounded corners. They engrave a bright silver white color with a laser.

DuraBlack is not an ordinary anodized aluminum; in fact, it is many times more durable and has survived the harshest temperature, UV, and corrosion testing.

DuraBlack produces high-resolution results and is ideal for text, photos, identification codes and many other demanding applications.

This material surpasses UID standards for durability and readability in the harshest of environments.

The company has also released the new CerMark paste that uses new technology and offers greatly improved performance. The water-based paste has increased engraving quality and latitude creating rich black on all metals including polished metals, aluminum, brass, and bronze.

CerMark LMM 6060 dries hard to the touch, not a powder.

This product ships by air without any extra fee charges.

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