Rowmark Launches Trendy New ColorHues Products

Rowmark announces the launch of ten brilliant new colors as part of the ColorHues™ product line, in response to its continued popularity and increased use in tactile and ADA compliant sign-making, P-O-P projects, custom gift applications, and more.

Rowmark continues to closely monitor the latest color trends to meet the changing needs of the industry and offer the hottest products available to expand customers' design options for a growing range of visually dynamic projects.

The company's new trending ColorHues products include three translucent colors with gloss on both sides (Flamingo, Lemon Zest, Citron), one translucent color with matte on one side, and gloss on one side (Smoke) and six opaque colors with matte on one side and gloss on one side (Creme Brule, Luxe Blue, Mango, Pomegranate, Citronella, Envy).

In addition to design, illumination is a popular effect used today for enhancing signage projects. The enhanced translucency of select products in Rowmark's ColorHues line, including Glass Green, Ice Blue, Flamingo, Lemon Zest, and Citron, make them well-suited for edge lighting applications. "Edge-lit" technology or "edge glow" is an effect created when light focused on a sign's edge is evenly diffused across its surface for uniform illumination.

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