The Next Generation in ADA-Compliant/Braille Sign Printing

The versatile Direct Jet 1024UVHS UV LED printer from Direct Color Systems® can now be used to create ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant Braille signage* more efficiently and economically than ever before. Combine this compact, American-made printer with DCS’s Color Byte RIP 9 software, add-on ADA Module, and matte-finish InkMark™ UV Acrylic and Metal coated substrates to quickly create signage that complies with federal ADA guidelines via a patent-pending UV LED inkjet printing process.

DCS also gives users the unprecedented option of either first-surface or second-surface graphics when creating raised-texture signage on acrylic substrates. Standard six-by-eight-inch signs can be output in less than five minutes, with a full digitally printed background, raised letters and Braille. ADA printing options include raised text, visual text, Braille dots, flat-top text to match the look of lasered/engraved signage and clear Braille dots to match the look of the insertion of glass beads.

DCS also offers a new UV Acrylic Adhesion Promoter that has been specially formulated to work with many acrylic pieces that do not have the InkMark UV print-receptive surface, allowing users to print directly to many acrylic products. ADA-compliant prints, whether on InkMark substrates or standard products with adhesion promoter, exhibit the same outstanding durability that users have come to expect from DCS’s Direct Jet UV LED printer line.**

The 1024UVHS also prints flat and raised TEXTUR3D™ photos, logos, and text on wood, metals, plastics, glass, and much more.

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* While the components of the ADA signage, produced on Direct Jet 1024UVHS printers, have tested to be in compliance with federal USA ADA signage guidelines outlined in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (Department of Justice - September 15, 2010 – it is the responsibility of the signage manufacturer to ensure compliance with the governing local, state and federal authorities.

** All substrates should be tested for image receptivity, adhesion, durability and ADA/Braille compliance, with final acceptance and suitability determined by the customer.



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