Orbus Introduces 34 New Turnkey Event Packages in a New Brochure

The Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, one of North America’s leading trade suppliers of display, exhibit, and event solutions is proud to introduce 34 new turnkey event packages in a new brochure—The Exhibitors’ Handbook Event Packages.

The Exhibitors’ Handbook Event Packages brochure is filled with complete turnkey solutions designed for tabletop, 10-foot, 20-foot, and outdoor spaces. These new turnkey Event Packages combine backwalls, counters, banner stands, literature racks, remarkable vibrant graphics, and lighting in comprehensive bundles.

“We are always looking for ways to provide our dealer network with new display solutions and supportive resources that will help their businesses grow,” said Natalie Whited, Orbus Exhibit & Display Group’s Marketing Director. “These Event Packages are intended to provide dealers with new, all-inclusive tradeshow and event solutions to sell and market, as well as give clients ideas of what to incorporate into their tradeshow and event spaces.”

The Exhibitors’ Handbook Event Packages can be seen online at events.exhibitors-handbook.com.



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