Outwater: Aluminum Panel Clips for Wall Panels, Signage & Frames

Don’t get hung up hanging cabinets, wall panels, partitions, signage or frames. Conventional, dated hanging methods are now a thing of the past with Outwater’s [Outwater Plastics Industries, Inc. + Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC] newly introduced Aluminum Panel Clips, the quickest, easiest, and most cost effective way for hanging anything you hate to hang.

With the current trend of bathroom floor cabinets and their once integrated sinks having gained independence from one another has not only inspired new cabinet fashions comprising contemporary standalone sinks and “floating” cabinets, it is now also the cause of many headaches for builders, contractors and renovators, who must now expend additional time and effort to permanently and securely affix these large, heavy structures to the walls in which they are intended to be mounted. Not surprisingly, the same mounting difficulties also hold true for wall panels, partitions, signage and frames, all of which can be very challenging to affix as well.

Prior to the introduction of Outwater’s new line of Aluminum Panel Clips, hanging cabinets, wall panels, partitions, signage and frames used to be quite an ungainly, time consuming and labor intensive chore. First, builders, contractors and renovators had to draw exacting, horizontal lines to serve as a template followed by their then having had to drive long screws into studs or mount a ledger board on which to temporarily rest these large, unwieldy items for support during installation. Items would then be screwed into the studs or fastened to supports in multiple locations and then shimmed for leveling or filling gaps if necessary.

In utilizing this obsolete method, necessary experience was a given, in that without it, there was always some probability of encountering unforeseen stumbling blocks.

However, Outwater’s Aluminum Panel Clips enable quick and easy installations with labor and overall cost savings reduced by as much as 50 percent.

Builders, contractors and renovators now only have to attach the upper portion of the Aluminum Panel Clip to the back of the object to be hung and the lower Aluminum Panel Clip to the mounting surface to prepare the item for installation. Cabinets, wall panels, partitions, signs and frames can now be securely and solidly affixed in just minutes using Outwater’s Aluminum Panel Clips, which connect and lock together by merely lowering the upper Aluminum Panel Clip that has been attached to the object to be hung into the groove of the lower Aluminum Panel Clip that has been fastened to the intended mounting surface. In addition, unlike typical hanging methods, which are inherently permanent, Outwater’s Aluminum Panel Clips readily allow items to be demounted as required.

Outwater’s Aluminum Panel Clips are stocked in mill finished, extruded aluminum 4-foot, 8-foot, and 12-foot lengths and precut 1-1/2-inch, 2-inch, and 2-1/2-inch pieces both with and without predrilled holes (Holes are 3/16-inch diameter and accommodate #10 screws) in eight different profiles, permitting installed items to rest flush against any mounting surface.

Outwater also offers a small, handy, inexpensive acrylic Bubble Level that can be used for leveling Outwater’s Aluminum Panel Clips on any horizontal surface.

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