Hingst’s Sign Post: Edge Holders for the HP Latex Printers

Hingst’s Sign Post: Edge Holders for the HP Latex Printers Photo courtesy of X-Rite.

Sign Builder Illustrated Contributor Jim Hingst writes: “The HP L26500 latex printers are designed with media edge holders. These edge holders, which are also referred to as media clips, are designed to prevent the edges of the media from lifting up, while you are printing so you don’t get head strikes. What a great feature! These holders are particularly helpful when printing on substrate that tends to deform, such as polycarbonate film.

“Unfortunately, owners of the HP L25500 do not have this feature on their printers as standard equipment. This is not an insurmountable problem, however. If you own the older latex printer, you can buy these edge holders from HP Parts for the HP L26500 and fit them on to your HP L25500.”

To find out why these clips are worth the investment, check out Jim’s latest “Hingst’s Sign Post” blog.



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