Cenique & Wondersign Announce Android-based Pre-loaded Media Players

Cenique, a developer and supplier of Intelligent Android-based digital signage solutions, and Wondersign, a cloud-based software provider for digital signage and interactive kiosks, are pleased to announce the availability of a new family of media players and All-In-One Displays that are available pre-loaded with Wondersign CMS software.

Cenique’s intelligent digital signage solutions, called IntelliSense1.0, are based on the popular Android mobile OS offering the advantages of lower cost, small size, and low power. Solid-state by design also means no maintenance and superb reliability.

“IntelliSense media players come standard with all of the performance features necessary for the majority of digital signage applications, greatly simplifying player selection” stated Ron Levac, President of Cenique North America. “Pre-loading the IntelliSense players with Wondersign is just one more step we can take to make the deployment process more efficient for our customers.”

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Cenique” says Andy Reinhard, CEO at Wondersign. “We believe the advantages of Cenique’s approach to “deployment-ready” solutions are very complimentary to Wondersign’s simple, yet powerful management console in the cloud. This highly intuitive administrator’s console allows for the creation and scheduling of attractive content with zero technical knowledge and no additional software.”

Reinhard also commented, “We are also very keen to leverage Cenique’s IntelliSense Shopper Analytics.“

IntelliSense1.0 solutions are also pre-configured with Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) software and sensors. IntelliSense provides nine real-time metrics showing how effectively digital content and playlists are stimulating shopper behavior, from the number of total impressions by day/week and by gender/age group and more.

“When we enable Context Aware Messaging with Wondersign, Intellisense provides even greater synergy by ensuring gender specific content and playlists,” stated Levac. “This is another great example of value creation for our customers.”



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