GestureTek is Changing the Face of the Restaurant Experience

GestureTek Systems, Inc., the inventor, pioneer, and world leader in video gesture control technology, has added a whole new dimension to the dining experience at the RichTree Natural Market Restaurant in Toronto’s Eaton Centre, with their interactive technology and games.

GestureTek engages customers in ways they have never experienced before. There is a twenty-foot-long gesture-controlled projection on the floor (which changes between an interactive fish pond and a soccer game, etc.) and four huge interactive gesture controlled projection dining tables that engage and entertain kids with games, as well as multi-touch for a 23-foot long video wall experience.

Located in downtown Toronto at Yonge & Dundas Square, “kids” of all ages visit the Eaton Centre every day, making the high-tech area a huge draw for all ages. Aside from the four huge circular tables with interactive games to keep kids mesmerized while eating, visitors can play in the fish pond, swipe the “screens,” chase virtual butterflies, grab at virtual apples, and have some fun while mom and dad take a break.

Vincent John Vincent, CEO of GestureTek Systems Inc., said, “Interactive technologies represent innovative ways to make your restaurant more attractive, more entertaining and a unique experience that makes them stand out from the crowd and keeps the customer coming back. Gesture-based displays can either be used for information, for menus, for ordering, or for entertainment while you wait for your meal.

“Anything is possible with GestureTek’s interactive displays.”

GestureTek has been changing the face of restaurant experience for a while now, and their turnkey solutions for restaurants and food courts can turn any dining experience into an interactive entertainment experience for all the family. Their immersive displays can be customized to engage customers in any kind of playful experiences that will keep them coming back. 

GestureTek has also successfully had their gesture controlled interactive surfaces installed on the floors and walls of almost 200 restaurants around the world.

“Every year, thousands of new restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops open in North America with over a third of them failing within the first twelve months,” explained Vincent John Vincent. “Restaurant business is not just about serving great food and drinks. It can also be about creating an atmosphere where the customer can be entertained and engaged, socialize with other patrons, meet new people and learn something new.

“Our gesture-controlled and multi-touch solutions offer this and more.”

GestureTek worked through Infusion to deliver this project.



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