ISA Appoints Advisory Committee of Dynamic Digital Signage Experts

ISA Appoints Advisory Committee of Dynamic Digital Signage Experts Photo: Ziglin Signs

The International Sign Association has formed a Dynamic Digital Advisory Panel to guide the association as its members learn and expand their businesses into rapidly growing digital signage technologies. The panel includes experts in digital display, content and delivery as well as end users.

“It is clear that dynamic digital signage presents a tremendous opportunity for static sign companies to take many of the skills that they already have and transfer them to a new medium,” said ISA President and CEO Lori Anderson. “The Advisory Panel will provide insights to help ISA lead the traditional sign market into this new field and to fill any knowledge gaps that may exist.

“Bringing together sign experts and digital network operators and integrators will help both sides see the business and partnership opportunities that exist as we work together.”

ISA has been active in exploring opportunities for static sign companies in dynamic digital signage for several years.

At ISA International Sign Expo 2013, ISA offered its first dynamic digital signage park and related presentation area. Most of the presentations were standing-room only. Sign Expo also included a well-attended track of educational sessions on various aspects of digital signage.

The educational sessions are currently available via ISA’s online learning system.

The ISA website also includes several case studies of static sign companies that have made in-roads into dynamic digital signage.

The Industry Advisory Task Force for Digital Signage includes:

+ Alan Brawn, Brawn Consulting; past chair of the Digital Signage Federation and an expert on the digital signage industry;

+ Jennifer Bolt, Chief Digital Officer of Billups World Wide. Bolt has significant experience in digital media advertising;

+ Steve Hargis, Director, Film & Video, Bass Pro Shops, a retail end-user;

+ David Keene, Executive Editor of the Systems Group, NewBay Media, the publisher of Digital Signage Magazine;

+ Kim Sarubbi, President, CareMEDIA Holdings and Saddle Ranch Digital, with experience in digital signage content;

+ Mike White, President and CEO of Multi-Media Solutions, Inc., a digital designer/integrator providing digital signage solutions, commercial audio-visual and videoconferencing and conducting assignments around the world;

+ George Yunis, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Consumer Engagement Strategies, Allure Global Solutions, a software development company specializing in point of sale and digital media. Yunis represents end-users.

The panel will advise an existing ISA task force and board of directors on new programs and initiatives that can help member companies expand into dynamic digital signage.



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