SunRise LED Displays Installed at Tom Bradley International Airport (LAX)

SunRise LED Inc. is pleased to have been selected to manufacture the curbside directional LED signs for the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

SunRise LED was selected to develop a custom design and manufacture 72 LED displays; 36 for the Arrival and 36 for the Departure terminals. All 72 displays are networked and controlled by SunRise LED’s LC Net Plus Software. Each display can be programmed with a unique message or all 72 can display the same message.


These displays are unique because they are borderless, ultrathin, and lightweight, with white SMD LED modules which provide a viewing angle of 140 degrees.

SunRise LED Inc. is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and has more than 15 years of LED manufacturing experience. SunRise has dealers and distributors across the US and internationally.



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