United Visual Products Launching Digital Signage Dealer Program

By working closely with their existing network of distributors, United Visual Products (UVP) has developed an excellent, easy-to-understand digital signage dealer program. UVP has seventeen years of manufacturing history in the visual communications industry.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, UVP features a 200,000-square foot facility serving over 8,000 active distributors. Visual communications is centered on providing the most effective method to visual broadcast a message. The perfect solution for this is digital signage.

AVNU Digital is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial grade displays & kiosks, with over 500,000 units deployed worldwide. UVP is the North American Master Distributor for AVNU Digital. UVP now carries and warehouses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin AVNU’s complete line of digital signage. This inventory includes: Digital Kiosk (both single and double sided), Touch Screen Multi-touch IR displays & kiosks, LCD/LED wall mount displays, and LCD/LED Video Wall Panels. All of the models are commercial grade and feature advanced cooling systems, rated for 50,000 hours+ continuous use, tempered glass displays, and multiple powder coat finishes.

The dealer program provides signs shops, advertising agencies, graphic designers, and other distributors an opportunity to effectively provide their customers with a complete digital signage solution. It has been designed for any dealer from all backgrounds to easily present and sell digital signage.

Even if a business has no experience in “technical” sales or doesn’t have the staff to support content creation services both animation or static, UVP has you covered. UVP takes the time with every dealer to identify their goals and develops a turnkey solution that best fits a business needs and staff’s concerns. A dealer can generate revenue on the front end with the sale of each display, and a monthly residual on the back end by providing content creation services.

UVP’s digital signage dealer program consists of the following:

Complete Dealer Support Network
+ Sales/Technical Training
+ Fulltime IT Support
+ Content Development Support & Services
+ Content Creation Training
+ Animation & Static Content Creation Packages

Commercial Grade Digital Displays and Kiosks:
+ Digital Kiosks
+ Touch Screen Displays & Kiosks
+ LCD/LED Wall Mount Displays
+ Video Wall Panels

Content Management Software, easily manage the content of a digital display:
+ Ad Player Editor, Plug and Play Software (Using a USB drive)
       * Display animated/static content, videos, & scrolling text
+ Wireless Content Management Software
       * Viewer Detection
              @ Powerful age & gender detection program
              @ Display advertisements and content based on who is currently viewing the display
       * Built in apps: Weather, RSS Feeds, News, TV Tuner, Stock Market, and more
       * QR Code Program, upload coupons, news, promotions, and more to your QR Code
       * Display & Print Coupons, Boarding Passes, Maps, Forms, and more!
       * Touch Screen & Video Wall Compatible
       * National Alerts & Warnings, notifications directly sent to your display

To learn more about UVP’s new digital signage dealer program and solutions, please visit www.uvpdigitalsignage.com or contact Chad Bogan from UVP directly at chadb@uvpinc.com.



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