Genesis® LV from Sherwin-Williams Provides Sign Manufacturers Premium Appearance

The new Genesis® LV Single-Stage System from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes is an ideal coating system for sign manufacturers. This two-component urethane coating system leverages two mixing clears to reach multiple gloss levels (flat, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss). With simple mix ratios regardless of the preferred gloss level, this system is easy-to-apply and meets stringent VOC regulations.

The high-performance qualities of this system protect against humidity, temperature extremes, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, graffiti, and UV ray degradation. The Genesis® LV System also utilizes the Sherwin-Williams Color Works® The Match Box Color System to deliver excellent color selection. Once a color is matched and applied, it can be taped in one hour. This feature makes the Genesis® LV System ideal for complex sign designs that require multiple colors or striping.

"The Genesis® LV System offers both the sign designer and the painter extreme versatility,” says Dan Szczepanik, Sherwin-Williams product manager. “It’s durability provides outstanding UV ray protection, which guards against gloss-loss, and color fade. When the Genesis® LV System is coupled with Genesis® Primers, your coatings process could be streamlined to increase throughput, reduce labor, or lower energy usage. In addition to receiving the paint in a can, you can realize a new and improved process.”

Tom Day of YESCO Custom Signs in Las Vegas concurs. “What YESCO is known for is doing marquee signs in front of the leading Las Vegas casinos,” he says. “Prior to using Sherwin-Williams Genesis® LV, we were having consistency issues when we would use other products – our customers were demanding an end-result that was produced by one of the best single-stage topcoats that provided multiple gloss levels.”

“Genesis® LV fit the bill in all aspects, in particular, lack of streaking. The modeling and blotching that had occurred with other products was no longer there,” Day adds.

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has established relationships with sign manufacturers across the country through its 196 company-owned branches that provide sales support and controlled distribution.

For more information about the features, advantages, and benefits of the Genesis® LV Single-Stage System visit the Genesis Website or call 1-800-798-5872.

View the video below to find out how YESCO uses the Genesis® LV Single-Stage System:





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