S-B Industries and Lobster Tools Offer New R1A2 Blind Rivet Tool

Just on the heels of Lobster® Tools’ introduction of their newest ergonomic success, model R1A1, S-B Industries announces the next in a series of new generation riveters, the R1A2.

Like its stablemate the R1A1, the R1A2 has a tremendous strength to weight ratio.  At 4,158 lbs. of traction power and one inch of stroke the R1A2 weighs only 3.8 lbs., 21 percent less than competing tools.  R1A2 is highly capable of setting 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch standard and structural rivets in all materials.

“Historically Lobster Tools has been an industry leader with innovative ergonomic technology in riveters,” said Michael Mervis, vice president of Sales and Marketing for S-B Industries, “and the new R1A2 heavy duty riveter continues that pedigree.”

Additionally, Lobster’s R1A2 rivet tool has a high-capacity mandrel collector helping the operator be more productive by not having to empty the spent mandrel tank as often. The integrated vacuum mandrel collection system is activated on the R1A2 rivet tool with an easy push on, push off button. When not in use, the off position reduces air compressor usage and cost. Plus, new air circuitry design has produced a high power riveter with 30 percent less consumption of compressed air. These helpful new designs are built for the modern factory that is looking for production quality tools that will help conserve energy.

R1A2 is equipped with a 90 degree swivel air fitting accessible from either side of the tool allowing workers maximum flexibility. The reduced diameter frame head will help achieve access to tight areas.

The new R1A2 joins a group of ergonomic riveter and rivet nut setters manufactured by Lobtex and marketed by S-B Industries.  Since 1985, the Lobster Tools brand of riveting equipment has helped manufacturers around the world assemble products using the most advanced engineered tooling available.



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