The Improved Dolly Max: Sometimes Going Sideways is a Good Thing

Something new at the 2014 ISA sign show was a new version of Saw Trax's Dolly Max rolling material rack that can go sideways. The two all-terrain pneumatic tires of the Dolly Max have been replaced with locking casters that mount to the corners of the cart, making the new All Caster version of the Dolly Max go sideways with a full load.

Larry Holbrook of Saw Trax explains why the new version was made, “A lot of sign shops use their rolling rack in confined areas in their small shops. Trying to move the eight-foot material in these small areas is difficult with a fixed wheel cart because they are not as maneuverable. With an all caster version, the carts can be moved in all directions to get to where they need to go, making rounding a corner or going through a door way with eight-foot long sheets of material much easier."

Losing the larger 12-inch pneumatic tires sacrifices the All-terrain aspect of the Dolly Max, but if you don’t need that capability in a shop cart, the increased maneuverability and lower cost appeals to many owners.

Based on the sales at the ISA show, it seems this new All Caster version of the Dolly Max will be quite popular in the sign industry. The utility of a rolling storage rack that goes with you to unload a delivery truck of the large and awkward four-by-eight blanks, saves double handling these sheets and makes them much easier to maneuver, especially for female-owned or run shops.

For more information on the Dolly Max or the All Caster Dolly Max, contact Saw Trax Mfg. Inc. at, 770-974-0021 or go to their Web site at



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