Why Use Transportation Coatings for Signs?

Why use transportation coatings for signs? It might seem odd at first, but the extensive color palette and durability of automotive-grade toners are exactly what sign manufacturers need.

Signs and symbols are needed to differentiate businesses and attract attention to meaningful messages. With the availability of one system that provides flat, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss colors, Sherwin-Williams has the flexibility to match a variety of requests!

According to Dan Szczepanik, Sherwin-Williams Fleet & Manufacturing Product Manager, “Because we develop coatings that have to meet the rigors of over-the-road conditions, we also understand the environmental punishment signs take. The result is our development of chemical and solvent resistant finishes that you can depend on.

“Our complete line-up of quality Genesis® systems protect sign projects against humidity, temperature extremes, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, graffiti, and UV ray degradation.

For an example of the Sherwin-Williams Genesis system at work, here’s a video link to a testimonial from one of the leading sign manufacturers in the country, YESCO.

Interested in what Sherwin-Williams has to offer the sign manufacturing industry? Then call 800/798-5872 or check out their website to find out more.



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