New Manuf. Process for Improved Finger Lift Tapes Availability

Essentra Specialty Tapes (formerly Duraco Inc. and Duraco Express) announces the installation of a new high speed 60-inch hot melt coater for manufacturing Finger Lift Tapes in their Forest Park, IL facility. The new hot melt process complements their current solvent-based capabilities to enhance the selection and availability of a variety of Finger Lift Tape products.

The addition of the new state-of-the-art hot melt adhesive coating line allows Essentra Specialty Tapes to provide the specific service and quality needed to meet the fast-paced demands of the P.O.P, paper/printing, and packaging industry. As a result, they now offer over 100 standard sizes of Finger Lift Tapes in stock. These products are available to ship the same day, and also allow for custom solutions requiring a quick-turnaround time. High-speed converting equipment can be used to create the optimum configuration for automatic application of a customer’s tape, including spooling.

Essentra Specialty Tapes is not only a manufacturer, but the company also provides local distribution service. It has seven distribution sites in the USA, which contain stocked product inventory close to where customers need it, also reducing shipping costs and delivery time for the customer.

Finger-lift tapes are designed with a dry edge on both sides of the liner, making its removal fast and easy. Finger-lift tapes include:

  • Transfer Tapes. These carrier-free unsupported tapes are available with hot melt rubber-based adhesive or water-based acrylic adhesive, in permanent or removable versions. They are ideally suited for continuous forms, window posters, advertising materials, medical records, envelopes and other applications.
  • Tissue Tapes. These tapes utilize a tissue carrier with a hot melt rubber-based or water-based acrylic adhesive; they bond well for posters, light P.O.P. displays, continuous forms, envelopes, overnight shipping cartons, corrugated P.O.P., UV coatings, promotional items, folders, and more.
  • Film Tapes. Film tapes feature a film carrier coated with permanent adhesive on both sides, or with a removable adhesive on one side. They are well suited for corrugated overnight boxes, P.O.P. display assembly, protection/scratch pads, poster mounting, resealable envelopes and packaging.
  • Bag Sealing Tape. Developed for sealing applications and applied at the bag manufacturing stage, these tapes utilize a hot melt rubber-based adhesive for permanent applications, or a water-based acrylic adhesive on the permanent side and removable version on the resealable side.

Essentra’s Finger Lift Tapes can be ordered from their Web site and delivered from one of seven wholly-owned distribution centers across the U.S. Tape products are typically shipped within one or two days with very small minimum order requirements. Customers can also request catalogs and free samples by Web, email, phone or fax, with no purchase required.



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