Bayer Plastics Help Optimize Function & Benefits of LED Luminaires

The LED revolution is upon us. LED lighting is becoming the preferred lighting choice in nearly every setting, including where we live, work and play. Its success is driven by several factors: LED lighting appeals to consumers and other end users seeking a more energy-efficient lighting option while also offering a long service life, customized level of light dispersion and increased durability when compared with traditional, incandescent light bulbs or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. In this competitive market, manufacturers are eager to set themselves apart.

“High-performance polycarbonates from Bayer MaterialScience LLC provide lighting manufacturers with a way to develop products that meet high technical requirements and the expectations of their customers,” said Kevin Dunay, Electrical market segment leader, Polycarbonates, Bayer MaterialScience LLC.

Kenall Lighting turned to Makrolon® polycarbonate plastic from Bayer to optimize the function and benefits of its luminaires. Bayer offers Makrolon polycarbonate grades specifically developed for use in LED lighting. These specialized material grades were attractive to Kenall, as they offer improved light transmission and efficiency when compared with competitive products.

“The properties provided by Makrolon LED grades not only enhance the product, but also enhance consumers’ experience,” said Karen Heroldt, field market development-Midwest region, Bayer MaterialScience LLC.

Kenall utilizes Makrolon polycarbonate for secondary and tertiary optics within parking garages and its high bay product line. In addition to its Makrolon polycarbonate, Bayer provided multiple mold-flow analyses and technical assistance, as well as design support to help Kenall optimize light output and light transmission in its luminaires.

“Bayer’s materials, in combination with intelligent design, efficient power electronics and state-of-the art LED sources, allow us to boast product efficacies that are among the highest in the market, as reported by the Department of Energy’s LED Light Facts program,” explained Nathan Heiking, advanced lighting product manager, Kenall Lighting. “We’re very pleased with the complete offering Bayer delivered—the performance of the company’s polycarbonate and the technical support they provided.”

Attendees at Strategies in Light, February 25-27, in Santa Clara, Calif., can visit Bayer’s booth #519 for more details about material technology for lighting applications from Bayer.

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