LED Lights Help Fantasy Springs Casino Save Energy

LEDtronics®, Inc., has announced that their LED lights will help Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino save 291,000 kilowatts of power in one year and receive a $32,000 rebate from the Imperial Irrigation Energy Rewards Rebate Program.

“Prior to receiving the LED lights from LEDtronics, we were using high-pressure sodium lamps which gave off a dirty, dim color and a lot of heat,” states Fantasy Springs Casino Facilities Director Todd Lockway. “The new LEDs reduce the heat load and offer a whiter, brighter light.

“And by reducing our energy use from 180 watts ballasted to 41 watts, we qualified for an energy rebate, and this LED lighting project will pay for itself in 2.5 years.”

LEDtronics, the pioneers of solid-state, LED lighting design and manufacturing in the United States, provided:

+ LED Post Top E39 Mogul Base bulbs, (LED30MH-30X2W-XPW-001). The 41-watt LED products were placed in the existing fixtures and replaced the 150 watt, HPS lights inside the casino’s parking garage structure.

+ LED T8 tube lights (LED48T8SM-276-XPW-001W) LEDS were used as “uplights” for the landscape area and wall-washing illumination on the outside of the structure.

+ LED wall packs (WWL12-8X2W-XPW-001). These 27-watt LED products replaced the vintage, 70-Watt HPS wall packs on the outside of the parking structure.

“Once we knew that the management team at Fantasy Springs wanted brighter lighting with more clarity and a higher color temperature, without having to replace their current, lighting fixtures, we gave them LED lighting to fit their specific needs,” states LEDtronics Product Sales Manager - Architectural Lighting Greg Krymer. “Two electricians at the casino installed the LEDs and replaced the old lighting within two weeks.

“As a Palm Springs getaway complete with a 250-room hotel, Vegas-style gambling, dining, entertainment, pool, and golf activities, the resort is always looking to use the latest technology to provide the best experience for our customers,” states Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino COO and General Manager Paul Ryan. “The LED lights from LEDtronics help us save time, money, conserve energy, and provide a bright, safe environment for our guests.”

With the success of this project, the casino is currently reviewing additional, LEDs projects. “The LEDs LEDtronics provided were a perfect fit and offered a better and cleaner look than our old, sodium lamps,” states Lockway. “We are now assessing the rest of our resort for additional, lighting upgrades.”

LEDtronics would like to thank Angie Alvarado, president of innovative Lighting Solutions, Inc. (iLS), and Mike Beckner of Apollo 3 Energy Services for their hard work. The hours they spent providing the lighting and energy audits helped Fantasy Springs Resort get the rebate on this project established through the local, utility-rebate program.

“Once I told the team at Fantasy Springs Casino that they would be receiving their LEDs from LEDtronics, Inc., a company that has been creating LED lighting in the U.S.A. for the last thirty years, the project moved forward quickly,” states Alvarado.

“The LEDs in the Fantasy Springs Casino garage created a change that was like night and day with a much cleaner and brighter look,” states Beckner.

To learn more about LEDs lights for all industries and applications, visit www.LEDtronics.com.



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