Lighting Up Downtown LA

Located in downtown Los Angeles at Figueroa and Seventh streets, FIGat7th is a sprawling 330,000-square-foot open-air shopping mall that needed a makeover.

Opened in 1986, the complex originally known as 7+Fig first catered to office workers in the city's surrounding financial district. Since then, residential developments have sprouted up downtown, and attractions like the nearby Staples Center have enlivened an area that used to be quiet after business hours.

To capitalize on the new, hip vibe, FIGat7th recently underwent a $40 million rebranding and makeover that included prominent placement of Plexineon White 2X 3500 fixtures.

Designed by Gensler, the renovated shopping complex is a new take on the old structure—with a more modern aesthetic and better connection to the bustling city sidewalks.

In looking to introduce light elements, Lighting Design Alliance saw potential in three existing levels of curving perimeter fascia that overlook an expansive dining area and plaza.

"They're such a strong element," says Kyllene A. Jones, principal at Lighting Design Alliance. "We wanted to highlight them with a little bit of glow—a nice wash of light to make things more exciting and inviting."

But a challenge was the limited space for installing fixtures beneath the fascia.

"Because we were retrofitting an existing structure, we had very limited space to place the fixtures under each fascia," Jones says. Fortunately, Jones had used Plexineon before for other projects; she knew the fixtures offer a small footprint that belies their big impact.

She adds, "It also helped that Plexineon is aesthetically pleasing even when you look at the fixtures directly—which is possible from some vantage points within the mall."


Besides having a compact size, Plexineon also could be bent to follow the curve of the fascia, plus the fixtures are available in multiple lengths and colors. Jones chose White 2X 3500 because the color doesn’t compete with the surrounding retail and restaurant lighting.

Another advantage: "iLight's service is really great," she says. "It's always nice to know we have that collaborative team to help us execute the design vision."

Opened during fall 2012, the rejuvenated FIGat7th features many new shops and dining options, all anchored by a new CityTarget store and awash at night in a soft, sophisticated glow.

"It's exactly what we envisioned," Jones says. "The Plexineon perfectly complements the rest of the lighting design."



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