Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc. Brings Efficiency and Innovation to Project Ion Lighting

Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc. (a member of the Panasonic Lighting Americas Group) recently introduced the Panasonic Projection Lighting SpacePlayer™, the world’s first line of 1,000 lumens, 1-chip, DLP laser projectors for use in retail, restaurants, museums, and other common spaces. The SpacePlayer will be marketed through Universal Lighting Technologies, the North American lighting division of Panasonic Lighting Americas.

Lighting and projection combine in this revolutionary new product line, offering customers an even more advanced architectural lighting solution to create more attractive lighting environments. The Panasonic SpacePlayer encompasses several key lighting elements from both conventional and LED technology to produce a product that is the best of both worlds. In addition to traditional light distribution and dimming qualities, the new projection lighting system offers color-rendering properties (CRI), brightness and glare control, tunable light color and phosphor technology, all wrapped in a new and aesthetically pleasing package.

“As technology has progressed over recent years, customers’ needs have evolved in tandem,” said Chris Holstein, vice president of marketing at Universal. “And the Panasonic SpacePlayer has upped the ante for flexibility in the industry. The integrated functions of projection and lighting allow for general spot lighting as well as the option to project images and movies through either an SD Memory Card or Wi-Fi, making this one of the most unique products on the market today.”

The SpacePlayer, Panasonic part number PT-JW130, is unique in this industry by combining the look of a traditional track fixture to fit seamlessly into a high end application with the ability of a content projector to allow custom content to be displayed on and around objects. The SpacePlayer even allows control via Android and iOS devices, allowing the user to connect to the projector’s unique wireless network.


• Equipped with projection function for projection lighting
• One-touch switching between "lighting mode" and "projector mode" by remote control (comes with a remote control)
• Can realize a wide range of ambient lighting by using video as the projected light
• In addition to standalone playback of pictures and videos from an SD card, capable of projecting images and video from a diverse range of sources, such as from a PC or tablet over a Wi-Fi network or using an HDMI connection
• Can play pictures or video from an SD card, change the brightness of the light source, or switch the power on or off following a schedule
• Utilizes a laser as the light source, realizing a lifetime of 20,000 hours (when brightness falls to 50% of the original level), reducing the burden of replacing lamps when used in facilities and stores for long periods of time
• A design that fits well within its surroundings and a high degree of freedom in installation
• Spotlight-shaped design that fits well with spaces that require the high-level design, such as facilities and stores
• Product lineup of two colors (black/white) that fit well with interior colors
• Adoption of a wiring duct installation method to easily fix, unfix and relocate after installation
• Adjustable structure that can deliver light in every direction downward below the horizontal line
• Remote control-operated electric powered 2.2x zoom and focus, enabling remote operation by hand even when installed in high locations





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