Paint the City Presents Digital Art(Net)Work” to Provide Art to All

Paint the City’s “Digital Art(Net)work” program, sponsored by All Vision, LLC, is bringing the beauty of art beyond museum walls and out their doors to create the largest “outdoor public art gallery” in Canada, with over 1.2 million viewers a day. The “Digital Art(Net)work” program will highlight emerging, mid-level, and established artists’ works for four-week periods throughout Toronto, Montreal, and New Westminster.

In a world tempted by withdrawal, art has to be shared. It forges deep ties between men, artists and humanity. It brings commitment, confidence, hope and optimism to everyone. Paint the City’s mission is to provide art to all, through mediums that create unprecedented opportunities to communicate art and inspiration in a day and age where hope and perspective is appreciated, if not required.

Greg Smith, CEO of All Vision, states, “This is a unique opportunity to utilize a traditional medium in an innovative way and to provide communities an all-access pass to culture, everyday. All Vision is thrilled to sponsor Paint the City and to dedicate space on our Canadian Digital Billboard Network, specifically to art.”

Currently, Paint the City is working with Vancouver-based abstract artist, David Tycho. The works presented on the “Digital Art(Net)work” are a reflection of David’s relationship with extreme environments, having lived in the wilderness of northern Canada and the urban dynamism of central Tokyo. David’s works are ultimately explorations of lines, colors, form, and gesture and their ability to elicit emotional responses. His highlighted works are scheduled and arranged to provide viewers with the progressions of abstraction and to give viewers some insight into the abstracting process, as abstract painting can often be misunderstood.

“Brick and mortar galleries will always have their place, but artists working in traditional media will also have to embrace new media and technology if they are not to become anachronisms in our digital art. I believe an art revolution is upon us and it’s called Paint the City”, states Tycho.

Paint the City will continue to bring new artists to the “Digital Art(Net)work”, every month, for the public to enjoy throughout their daily lives.

“Our mission is to provide art to all and to offer tools that will encourage debate and further understanding. We hope that this project ignites a new era of art aficionados, founded by those individuals and groups that are now able to view various artworks of our time throughout their daily lives. We believe that these newly equipped Daily Art Viewers (aka DAVers) will not only be inspired to further experience and learn more about the highlighted art, but will also be motivated by the transformative powers of art, to perhaps push a bit harder and to dig a little deeper throughout each day,” states Jordan Manfredi, co-founder and marketing director of Paint the City.

Together, Paint the City and All Vision will bring art to the people, on a daily basis throughout Canada.

For more information about the project and to learn about future artists to be highlighted on the “Digital Art(Net)work”, please visit



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