Lowen Color Graphics Announces Nationwide Installation Services

The search for graphics installation services ends with the Lowen Installation Alliance introduced today by Lowen Color Graphics. From a single vehicle to complex, multi-city store locations, the Lowen Installation Alliance is set to offer comprehensive graphics installation management services anywhere, anytime nationwide.  

The Lowen Installation Alliance expands graphics installation management services previously only available to Lowen Color Graphics’ customers. Lowen has completed fleet and retail rebranding initiatives for some of the largest and most recognized brands through their national network of Lowen Certified/3M Preferred installers.

“Our installation project management services have been developed and fine-tuned to provide the best experience and value,” said Executive Vice President and General Manager Roger Borth. “As the only graphics manufacturer with a 3M Preferred training and testing facility we have established an unparalleled network of highly qualified graphics installers.”

Lowen Color Graphics’ industry-leading installation network is a key component of the Lowen Installation Alliance’s comprehensive approach. Each installation project is analyzed and managed from start to finish by a dedicated team of installation project managers who oversee site surveys, space planning, and scheduling. Throughout each project customers have convenient online access to updates including completion photos and progress reports through eData™, Lowen Color Graphics’ proprietary Customer Information System.

“Lowen has created the nation’s largest network of certified graphics installers, and we have enhanced our project management services to successfully execute our customers’ fleet, retail, architectural, event, and environmental installation projects anywhere in the U.S.,” said Vice President Sales and Marketing Darren Keller. “Lowen Installation Alliance is now a source for anyone in need of installation and project management services who wouldn’t otherwise know where to begin, “ said Keller.  “We’re asking the question, ‘Why sweat the details when you can rely on Lowen Installation Alliance to handle the project for you?’”

To obtain a free graphics installation quote contact info@loweninstallation.com or call 800.835.2365.



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