3M Commercial Graphics Adds a New Authorized Training & Testing Facility

3M Commercial Graphics announces the addition of a new Authorized Training & Testing Facility—Geek Wraps® University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The addition of Geek Wraps to the list of 3M Authorized Training and Testing facilities will make it easier for graphics professionals in the Southeast U.S. to access high-quality professional development opportunities and stay up to date on the latest 3M technologies.

Like all 3M Authorized Training facilities, Geek Wraps is led by a highly qualified professional, Kenny Calman, who is passionate about growing the installer community, and who has shown an aptitude and enthusiasm for teaching. Calman and/or Geek Wraps hold the following credentials:

  • 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company                                   
  • 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
  • 3M Endorsed 4 Star Vehicle Graphics Installer
  • 3M Graphics Authorized Trainer
    • for 3M Advanced Installer Training
    • for 3M Endorsed 2-3-4 Star Vehicle Graphics
  • 3M Graphics Authorized Tester
    • for 3M Preferred Graphics Installer
    • for 3M Endorsed 2-3-4 Star Vehicle Graphics

Graphics professionals interested in attending, training, or testing at Geek Wraps University should visit GeekWrapsU.com. Additional information and other 3M Authorized Training & Testing options can be found at 3Mgraphics.com/installationprograms.



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