Contra Vision Total Windows: Transforming the Street Scene

There is always a challenge when looking for new ways to promote goods, services, leisure or retail premises to the public, everyone’s attention span is short and unless images or promotions are truly eye catching they can fail to be noticed in our busy, frenetic world.

Contra Vision® Total Windows are a brilliant means of providing an excellent visual stimulus and magnetizing attention.

Think of a window as a picture frame, and then fill it with an attractive image, while maintaining the key properties of the window, view out and daylight in. Add reduction of solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation and you've got a multiple win situation! Total Windows work on many levels.

That's without considering the commercial benefits; starting with the visual impact of a billboard without the expensive rate card for conventional outdoor advertising. Even better, when used on a retail outlet, the retailer's message is not on some distant billboard or bus shelter but right there at the Point of Purchase, where research tells us most buying decisions are made. Total windows can promote anything from ice cream to high fashion and when sales or promotions are running, customers are drawn in.

Alternatively, Contra Vision Total Windows can be used to promote properties which are being refurbished or as they become available for sale or rent.

CBRE, the leading international estate management company, recently used Contra Vision to conceal refurbishment of premium retail premises in London’s Knightsbridge; using Contra Vision Total Windows to install a stunning image of a British bluebell woodland on windows fronting one of the busiest, premium shopping streets in London, opposite Harrods (pictured, above). The beauty of this was that work being done inside the property was hidden from view, those working inside were still able to see out and CBRE had a cost effective and striking image which acted as a giant billboard initially promoting the imminent availability of the site to prospective tenants.

Contra Vision Total Windows are commonly seen on stadium glazing, for example, the sponsorship display for the Emirates stadium at Old Trafford.

So far, so simple. However, there are several decisions to be made to optimize the benefits of using Total Windows, principally, which of our many products to choose to ensure the desired effect.

One-way, Two-way, or Backlit

A one-way vision graphic with the design facing outwards and a uniform tint visible from the inside provides the best view out at all times of day, in fact from a few feet most people will not know there is anything on the window because it is a Total Window, whereas a one-way vision poster covering only part of the window will be clearly identifiable from the inside, even though you can see through it.

A two-way vision Total Window having a different design facing inwards is worth considering if the window is on a narrow street or is open for several hours of darkness, enabling the inside-facing image to be visible from the retail space (see Japanese figures).

However, with either one-way or two-way graphics, the outward-facing image will tend to be less visible during the hours of darkness unless there is good outside illumination. The inside illumination tends to "burn through" the transparent areas and overpower the graphic image. The answer is Contra Vision BACKLITE if twenty-four-hour visibility is more important than the best view out (a ghost image will be visible when looking out of two-way or Contra Vision BACKLITE products).

Applied Outside or Applied Inside

For maximum visual impact with minimum reflections, outside application is better and is essential with heavily tinted windows. However, perforated material applied outside will lose its see-through properties in rain, unless overlaminated, whereas non-perforated film maintains through visibility. Inside application protects the film from vandalism and the weather and access for application is often easier.

Total Windows need not be limited to ground level. Upper floor windows project a long distance message where graphics may not be wanted at ground level, for example at a fashion store, although one of the best examples of Total Windows was at a couturiers in Paris.

These are just a few of the opportunities and benefits that can be provided by Total Windows, using any of Contra Vision's technologies, non-perforated Contra Vision XR or Contra Vision ORS or Contra Vision Performance perforated window films, depending on the quality, durability and lifespan required.



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