Drytac Canada Sponsors AIR MILES Reward Program

The New Year marks Drytac® Canada’s official sponsorship of the AIR MILES® Reward Program, Canada’s most recognized coalition loyalty program that lets customers turn everyday purchases into the things that they really want.

On January 6, 2014, Drytac Canada began offering AIR MILE reward miles to its customers across all provinces. Canadian customers can now earn 1 AIR MILES reward mile for every $40 spent on eligible purchases.

“By offering AIR MILES reward miles to our customers, we are delivering greater value every time they place an order,” states Drytac Chairman & CEO Richard Kelley. “We want to recognize their loyalty, and through the AIR MILES Reward Program we are able to successfully do so.”

For further information on the AIR MILES Reward Program, please contact Drytac Canada at toronto@drytac.com.



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