Hingst’s Sign Post: Choosing a Translucent Vinyl

Vinyl manufacturers produce a broad color selection of translucent cast vinyl films for backlit signage applications. In addition to backlit building signage, other applications include taxi-top signage, mall and airport-terminal advertising, menuboards and canopy fascias.

SBI Contributor Jim Hingst writes: “With improvements in film technology, sign makers have other options. Today translucent calendered vinyl films are now available for ‘intermediate’ applications. These films are designed to withstand the higher service temperatures to which these vinyls are subjected outdoors in the summer heat on the signface of a light box.

“Don’t expect these films to provide the same service life of cast vinyl. You get what you pay for. When you decide to use a calendered vinyl, you are buying a ‘Chevy’ not a ‘Cadillac.’”

To decide whether to use a cast or calendered translucent vinyl film, Jim offers several factors to consider at his latest “Hingst’s Sign Post” blog.


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