Introducing the Graphix RACK Vinyl Storage System

Graphix RACK has announced that its new Graphix RACK vinyl storage system is now available. The Graphix RACK is wall-mounted to take advantage of all that unused space.

There’s no more worry about tripping over rolling carts or vinyl sticking out two feet into the room! You can stack the original Graphix RACKs vertically to go from floor to ceiling. This is great for filling in all extra available wall space—above your plotters, cutters, laminators, desks, and any work surface.

The Graphix RACKs are available in four sizes to accommodate the standard sign and heat transfer vinyl rolls. You can purchase the original Graphix RACK and then add expansion Graphix RACKs to customize your wall system.

Each Graphix RACK comes with mounting screws for quick and easy installation.

You can expand all your Graphix RACKs by simply adding an expansion RACK of any size. You can add as many as needed to fit across your walls!

And since Graphix RACKs are constructed from Rigid PVC and primed steel rods, they will never need painting!

For additional information, call 906/297-2029, email, or visit



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