SEAL Releases Two New Versatile Wide Format Print Films

SEAL® is launching two new print products following a very successful preview at SGIA Expo 2013. UltraClear PET is an optically-clear polyester film with a unique removable adhesive for the ultimate in window graphics, and CityLight Superior is a translucent polyester backlit film coated for backlit and lightbox applications.

At 4.9-mil-thick, UltraClear PET is more than twice as thick as competing films. This extra thickness creates more rigidity making installation hassle-free—all while still maintaining a competitive price point. Both the film and adhesive are also optically clear, allowing viewers to see through unprinted areas as if they weren’t even there.

When printed with white inks, UltraClear PET can create memorable graphics effects, such as double-sided prints, simulated window perf, and much more. Even without white inks you can attain bright, vibrant colors and high-ink densities to achieve almost any look desired. It’s ideal for use in architectural design, retail/P-O-P signage and custom décor.

UltraClear PET utilizes a special silicone adhesive which allows graphics to be easily removed or repositioned without leaving a residue. It won’t buckle under the heat from latex printers or UV curing lamps and can be printed on any latex, solvent, eco-solvent, or UV curable printer.

In addition to our wildly popular PrintLux CityLight Superior, which is coated for printing using latex and aqueous ink printers, SEAL is now releasing a new version that is coated for solvent and eco-solvent ink printers: SEAL CityLight Superior. With a non-glare matte finish, CityLight Superior is an excellent choice for all your lightbox, menu board, tradeshow, and other backlit-signage applications.

CityLight Superior stands out against the competition at 8.3-mil thickness. With most competitive films at 5-mil thick, CityLight Superior is much easier to use for larger sizes and won’t buckle or require mounting to acrylic or glass.

SEAL UltraClear PET is available in 50-inch-by-98-foot rolls with sample sizes measuring 27-inch-by-20-foot.

SEAL CityLight Superior is available in 36-inch-, 50-inch-, and 60-inch-by-98-foot rolls with sample sizes measuring 30-inch-by-10-foot.

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