Vista Wall Directories: Endless Design Possibilities

No commercial or public space, be it an office building, hospital, bank or shopping mall, is complete without directory signage welcoming walk-ins, clients or patrons, guiding them through the maze of offices, cubicles or stores. Often quite invisible to the mere bystander, wall directory signs are key to understanding of the environment.

Vista System’s twenty years’ seniority in the wayfinding business, contributed immensely to this important feature in design. Currently, Vista’s range of products encompasses endless possibilities to complement any design vision shared by both client and architect, blending-in the grand plan of design.

Wall directories can be created from Vista’s various product lines such as the classic Vista System Curved Frame Technology; Vista Square flat frames; Vista Nova new designed slight and sleek curve and, of course, Vista Light illuminated wall frames.

Directory types range from:

  • A single poster frame featuring an entirely graphic solution without physical divisions inside the sign. While being a common practice among designers, the advantage obtained by the spectacular graphics is overshadowed by the necessity to replace the entire graphic when changes are required.
  • A single poster frame, internally divided by separation strips is the preferred choice worldwide and for good reason! Graphics can be changed only for the required slots. Moveable separation strips offer a variation on a theme, by changing the quantity of strips inside a given frame, with a great cost effectiveness.
  • Several wall mounted signs, combined to look like a wall directory is a more challenging option, installation-wise, yet offers further flexibility and wall space usage. Graphics are changed in each individual sign with great ease.
  • A multi-panel wall directory is and elegant and functional solution for large buildings or shopping centers. Few wall directories are mounted under a single header providing a sort of “road map” to the complex.

It is evidently clear that Vista’s wall directories are the most versatile, elegant and cost effective solutions in today’s design environment. Combining the modular with tailor-made solutions for any project, adapting to any design aspirations without leaving our functionality and aesthetics.