Sign Builder Essentials April 2012

Protect your investment with Stone Guard Laminating Films

ORAGUARD® Series 270 and Series 280 Stone Guard Laminating Films are both an ideal choice for automotive paint protection on flat to moderately curved surfaces where more rugged protection from bugs, stones, and other road debris is required. Series 280, an 8-mil, 7-year polyurethane film and Series 270, a 6-mil, 5-year PVC laminate film, are perfect for protecting automotive fenders, rear bumpers, and deck or side skirts. For more information, call 888-672-2251 or visit us online at

Enhance Your Signage Projects with

Epilog Laser Systems  

Create intricate signage with a laser engraving and cutting system from Epilog Laser! From cutting inlays to engraving logos, Epilog's systems work with a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, fabric, and much more. Epilog Laser systems are ideal tools to create and enhance all of your signage projects. Since our machines can both cut and engrave a variety of materials, our systems can be used to cut individual pieces/letters for signage, engrave existing signage, or both. With engraving tables up to 36 inches-by- 24 inches and power configurations up to 120 watts, Epilog has the perfect system for your business. Learn more at .

Marabu's Action Tac® Makes Application Easy 

Vinyl application fluids manufactured by Marabu North America make any graphic application job easier. Action Tac® is a ready-to-use application fluid used in applying pressure-sensitive vinyl and decals to most surfaces. Action Tac allows you to easily move your graphics to position them perfectly. Window Juice gives you time to position your graphics on glass and gets you off the job fast! No more long waits to remove transfer tape. GRAFIX GONE® softens adhesive residue for removal within 90 seconds on most surfaces. For more information, please call us at 888.253.2778 or visit us on the web at

New CAD/CAM Software For Engravers, By Engravers 

Gravograph announces LaserStyle & GravoStyle™ version 7 a professional CAD/CAM engraving and lasering platform designed for engravers by engravers. Whether you are personalizing gifts, producing ADA-compliant signage, or making industrial tags and panels, GravoStyle™ 7 is the smart solution. The many help aids and guided wizards minimize errors and speed production. What's new: Enhanced help system with videos, additional wizards and guided help to minimize errors, downloadable stroked engraving fonts as you need them, handwritten dedications with Dedicace™ technology for the unique gift, 3D level options for that extra dimension needed in signage, metal stamps, jewelry & more. Lasering parameters to quickly process Gravograph engraving materials, enhanced interaction with CorelDraw to be able to utilize the best of both.  

Fisher Textiles Offers Fabrics for Latex Printing

Fisher Textiles, a member of the HP Registered Latex Media Developer Program, has a wide variety of fabrics for Latex printing. Many of Fisher's uncoated polyester fabrics underwent extensive testing by HP and produced excellent results with HP Latex printers. The fabrics are compatible with the HP Designjet L25500, L26500, and L28500 printers and HP Scitex LX600, LX800, LX820, and LX850 printers. Applications include banners, tradeshow exhibits, backdrops, lightboxes, art reproductions, and more. Sample rolls are available for testing and Fisher Textiles will work with you to get the most vibrant print possible. Contact Fisher Textiles at 800-554-8886 or

Affordability Without Compromise  

Based on the award-winning Océ Arizona® 360 Series platform but at a price point that makes it accessible to smaller print providers, the new Océ Arizona 318 GL printer delivers the highest quality printing and application versatility without compromise, including an option for factory-installed white ink. You don't have to settle for a hybrid printer when you can own the true flatbed capability of an Océ Arizona 318 GL printer - fully installed and operational for less than $100,000. A Roll Media option is also available for printing onto flexible media.

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