FASTSIGNS International, Inc., is putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to promising to help Franchisees generate more revenue and profits in 2022.

FASTSIGNS International, Inc. has announced that they have joined forces with the leader in financial data consolidation and analysis, ProfitKeeper. “Our most important Key Strategic Objective is to help each of our franchisees further increase profitability by 25 percent, after already achieving the prior goal–set in 2009–to increase franchisee profitability by 50 percent. We are committed to providing our franchisees excellent support and service, focused on increasing profitability and driving high-margin revenue. We have been researching tools to help our franchisees further improve profitability and selected ProfitKeeper,” said Catherine Monson, CEO of FASTSIGNS International, Inc., at the FASTSIGNS International Convention recently. (Note: Over 485 franchisees attended the convention.)

“We looked at several software solutions and chose ProfitKeeper, who has been helping franchisors help their franchisees improve profitability for over fourteen years,” added Monson.

FastsignsFASTSIGNS Franchisees are beginning to use ProfitKeeper, an integrated software solution connecting payroll and financial measurement services.

“Financial health of franchisees is paramount for franchisors to grow their brand. ProfitKeeper is truly excited about working with such an iconic brand as FASTSIGNS who believes in helping their franchisees maximize profits. We look forward to this partnership and delivering our turn-key benchmarking, trends, and analytics which helps franchisees pinpoint areas for improving their profitability,” said Kyle McEuen, president and COO at ProfitKeeper.

“We love that users can drill down and get financial data by region, metro area, sales volume, or board group. We know this detailed information and benchmarking will be invaluable to our franchisees as they work to improve profitability and implement best practices,” said Monson.

Franchisees can now sync their accounting software to upload financials each month and receive instant feedback on how their center is performing in relation to other centers within the network.

The ProfitKeeper software program is complementary and offered to all franchisees as part of the FASTSIGNS support.

—Press Release